Our Breeding Bulls For Sale

Bison for Sale

At this time we do not have any bison for sale. Please contact us for more information.

At Mosquito Park Enterprises, our team has created a high-quality, low-stress environment in which to raise healthy animals. A quality herd health program is followed with the assistance of trained professionals. Our bison are provided clean water and quality grass year around. Our grazing plan is designed to manage forage and improve the land. The benefits/beneficiaries of these efforts increase our Bison's health, increase forage production and increase plant and wildlife diversity on our ranch. Range cake is provided occasionally to keep the bison trained. This allows our crew to move the herd more easily by having them follow rather than having to push them. They are trained to high tensile electric fence.

Our genetics consists of Plains Bison primarily from the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana and Nebraska with many purchased through the Dakota Territory Buffalo Association Girls Gone Wild and Young Guns show and sale. They have since provided outstanding ranch raised calves.

All of our bison are double ear tagged with a USDA ID tag as well as an EID tag. Our breeder bulls are semen tested for performance and our cows are selected based on their conformation and performance. We plan for an April/May calving season and wean toward the end of October. In 2019 our average calf bull weights were 419 Lbs and heifers averaged 388 Lbs.

Our animals we sell are proven producers and are sure to add performance to your herd.